Soooo I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to party with some Victoria Secret models at my school (Virginia Tech) next year ... ⇢

Right now, Virginia Tech is in the Top 8 against Rutgers for the Victoria Secret Collegiate Showdown … and we’re losing :( I’m sorry, I know I’ve been horrible with updating this site, but I would really appreciate any help from you guys to get some more votes! If VT makes it to the next round, I PROMISE that I’ll come back and update ASAP and regularly. :) 

Regardless, thank you, everyone, for being so loyal to this Tumblr during my long hiatus! Hope everyone is doing well <3 :) 

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you should update more often, i love the party problems and wins (:

Hopefully! I’m finally back at school and waiting out this awkward three-hour gap between classes. So I’m thinking this is going become my new prime time to update haha. 


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(Inspired by: julia)

(Inspired by: julia)

(Submitted by: anonymous)

(Submitted by: anonymous)

About the orange juice: it's actually one of the best sources for uncomplicated sugars. A hypoglycemic friend of mine used to hold orange juice under his tongue when he'd have attacks--the plant sugars in oranges will dissolve into the bloodstream almost immediately. I hope that helps.
any advice on throwing a party with the rents out of town, and not getting caught. NOTE: most of my little house is carpeted...

- Confine the party to the basement or another sizable room. It’s easier to track everyone, minimize the mess, and avoid damaging the rest of your house.
- Keep the party exclusive and smaller than usual. 
- Avoid blasting music too loudly. Keep noise to a minimal. 
- If you’re on good terms with and know your neighbors well, try letting them know what’s happening beforehand so they don’t call the cops on you. 
- Arrange designated drivers and a carpool so you don’t attract attention with too many cars around your house. 
- To protect the carpets, I’ve seen parties where the hosts cover the floors with trash bags. Either that or warn everyone to be super careful.  
- Remove items of value from the room to lessen the risk of them getting broken. 
- If you’re that worried, you could even take pictures of the room space before the party and then after, clean-up according to the room’s original appearance.  

Good luck :)

Hiya. So I've been a drinker for a whileeeee.. for two years now anytime I drink, the next day after I crave orange juice like a mad woman. Is that normal? haha just wondering if you've ever heard of something like that or if anyone else has?

After drinking, I crave pancakes and cigarettes (the ONLY time I smoke is when I’m drunk, I swear!) and I’m not quite sure why either o_o I know that alcohol dehydrates the body and can lead to low blood sugar, but I can’t pinpoint why the orange juice exactly. Haha, anyone have a better answer?

best way to hold your liquor?

- Don’t drink on an empty stomach.
- Drink slowly/in moderation.
- “Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, have no fear.”
- Know your tolerance (then build it).
- Know what you’re drinking, so you don’t end up downing Everclear by accident and puking your guts out in the span of 20 min (true story).

dude when is your birthdaay! mine's the 13th!

January 11th! :)

I had 4loko, and we mixed Arnold Palmer (half lemonade/half iced tea) and it tasted damn good :)
Sorry if this has been asked before or it's a really dumb obvious question, lol but what's the whole notion behind, "never pass out with your shoes on"? What happens if you do? I've never understood why, lol.

It’s a party rule. Basically, it makes you fair game to get pranked (mainly for others to write on you with Sharpies) because you didn’t intend to fall asleep, which is indicated by not taking them off before passing out. 

(Dedicated to: trymee, winner of Challenge #6)

(Dedicated to: trymee, winner of Challenge #6)

Challenge #7: What was your craziest birthday experience?

Mine is next week, so I need some inspiration! haha. Best answer gets a party problem or win dedicated to him/her. :)

Winner of Challenge #6: Who’s your drunken alter-ego?

(I relate all too well ._.)

Honorable mentions:

So many good ones to choose from!

I plan on crashing a party with my friends. The host doesn't know me but i heard it's gonna be pretty big. Any suggestions on how to not get caught and kicked out?

First and foremost, be as respectful as you can when you’re there since you were not personally invited. Don’t be a drunken mess or wreck the house. Try to bring your own cups or alcohol to contribute to the party if you can. In terms of not getting caught, go later than when the party starts. By then, there should be a good number of (tipsy) people so that it’s easier to blend in. Also, if you’re a guy, keep the ratio in mind and make sure there are some girls in your group; trust me, it just seems to work better that way.